Please read all these terms and conditions carefully before work with us. By taking our usership you will agree all these agreements.

This is the Terms and Conditions page of Quark Web Solution. Quark Web Solution has the full right to update this page without any prior information and the user will be notified if Quark Web Solution does it. So the user should visit this page frequently to familiar with our Terms and Conditions.

 Quark Web Solution does not authorize to use it’s any service for illegal purposes. If it will be found that any user shows activities, with our services, like hacking password, disclosing personal information without permission, and any other illegal works, Quark Web Solution can terminate user’s account immediately without refund. Further Quark Web Solution may take legal steps against the user and may involve legal authorities.

 Quark Web Solution does not allow to host any porn site. If Quark Web Solution will find any pornography in any user’s website, Quark Web Solution can terminate user’s account immediately without refunding, no excuses can be heard. In this case, user’s personal information may be handed over legal authorities.

 Every plans & service (where applicable) of a user must be renewed at the scheduled time, otherwise, the user has to pay a fine, even account may be suspended. When any user’s account is canceled for payments-lapse, still Quark Web Solution can store user’s backup for 60 days, but no guarantees.

 If it will be found that any plans or packages is not sufficient and present any problem due to heavy traffic, a user will be notified and the user may be required to upgrade the plan.